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Wisdom teeth extraction

Often, wisdom teeth don’t grow in properly. A tooth is “impacted” if it’s prevented from reaching its normal position.

Impacted wisdom teeth may hurt, and they can develop cavities, infections or periodontal disease. It’s often when these problems arise that people realize they need to have their wisdom teeth extracted.

In general, it’s best to have wisdom teeth taken out between ages 16 and 22. At this time, the crown of wisdom tooth is formed and the formation of the root is not complete, so there are fewer complications and risks.

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Risks of keeping wisdom teeth

You may not be able to reach your wisdom teeth with your toothbrush or dental floss.

Your mouth isn’t big enough. Your jaw has no room for an extra set of molars.

They come in at the wrong angle and may press against your other teeth.

They’re impacted and can be trapped in your jawbone or gums, which can be painful.


Should I have my wisdom teeth removed ?


According to the American Dental Association, wisdom teeth removal may be necessary if you experience changes in the area of those teeth, such as:

  • Pain

  • Repeated infection of soft tissue behind the lower last tooth

  • Cysts (fluid-filled sacs)

  • Tumors

  • Damage to nearby teeth

  • Gum disease

  • Extensive tooth decay

Wisdom teeh & extraction

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