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Student Discounts!

HK Dental Centre is a part of the Student Dental Discount Network that helps bring affordable dental services to students.

Did you know?...

  • Almost all University and College students are covered by a student dental plan.

  • School insurance plans usually cover about $500 to $800 of dental treatment.

  • Coverage can include dental exams, x-rays, teeth cleaning, fillings, and wisdom teeth removal.

Almost all University and College students have a student dental plan. You are automatically covered by school insurance from $500 to $800. The student dental plan will cover: dental exam, x-rays (dental radiographs), teeth cleaning, fillings and wisdom extraction.

HK Dental Centre is a School Network dental office for students. You will get significant discounts when you visit school network dentists.  Normally the school dental insurance will expire on August 31 of every school year.

If you want to know details about your school dental plan, Please give us a call at:

(416) 916-8811 for Downtown office or (905)513-8388 for Uptown office

                             Don’t waste it before you use it!

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